A Level Rank Point Calculator

Here is our A-Level rank point calculator.

You can use this calculator to find out your total Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level (A-Level) rank points.

Other names for this calculator include A-Level RP calculator, University Admission Score (UAS) calculator and University Admission Point (UAP) calculator.

Your total rank points are based on your grades in your Higher 1 (H1) and Higher 2 (H2) A-Level subjects. These subjects include H1 Project Work (PW) and H1 General Paper (GP) and optionally H1 Mother Tongue Language (MTL).

How does the rank point calculator compute total rank points?

  • The calculator first inputs your H1 and H2 A-Level grades into the A-Level rank point system. This is to determine what rank points you scored in every H1 and H2 subject.
  • To compute your total rank points without MTL, the calculator sums your rank points in every H1 and H2 subject except H1 MTL.
  • To compute your total rank points with MTL, the calculator sums your rank points in every H1 and H2 subject, including H1 MTL, and multiplies this sum by 0.9.

What is the A-Level rank point system?

If you take four H2 A-Level subjects, the system converts your lowest H2 subject grade into H1 subject rank points.

Marks (%) A-Level Subject Grade H2 A-Level Subject Rank Points H1 A-Level Subject Rank Points
70 to 100 A 20 10
60 to 69 B 17.5 8.75
55 to 59 C 15 7.5
50 to 54 D 12.5 6.25
45 to 49 E 10 5
40 to 44 S 5 2.5
0 to 39 U 0 0

What are the rank point calculator’s two types of computed total rank points used for?

Local universities take into account the higher of your two types of total rank points during the undergraduate admissions process.

To estimate your chances of admission to a local university, you can compare the higher of your two total rank points to the university’s Indicative Grade Profile (IGP).