Polytechnic Cut Off Points

Here are the Singaporean polytechnic cut off points in 2022.

The points are in terms of Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level (O-Level) net ELR2B2 aggregate score.

The points are the scores of the worst-performing O-Level graduates to gain admission to each polytechnic diploma course during the 2022 Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE).

Polytechnic Cut Off Points 2022

Nanyang Polytechnic Cut Off Points 2022

JAE Course CodeCourse NameNet ELR2B2
C98Accountancy & Finance12
C62Advanced & Digital Manufacturing24
C51Aeronautical & Aerospace Technology16
C52Aerospace Systems & Management18
C31AI & Data Engineering9
C33Animation & Visual Effects12
C45Applied Chemistry9
C96Banking & Finance13
C49Biologics & Process Technology11
C71Biomedical Engineering13
C35Business & Financial Technology15
C43Business Intelligence & Analytics11
C94Business Management16
C73Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology14
C34Common Business Programme15
C42Common Engineering Programme24
C36Common ICT Programme14
C54Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics8
C60Digital Game Art & Design11
C89Electronic & Computer Engineering16
C41Engineering wih Business15
C32Experiential Product & Interior Design17
C46Food & Beverage Business16
C69Food Science & Nutrition12
C70Game Development & Technology13
C67Hospitality & Tourism Management17
C75Infocomm & Media Engineering20
C80Infocomm & Security15
C85Information Technology13
C59Interaction Design16
C93Mass Media Management13
C66Motion Graphics Design13
C50Nanotechnology & Materials Science14
C72Oral Health Therapy11
C65Pharmaceutical Science9
C87Robotics & Mechatronics18
C47Social Work12
C81Sport & Wellness Management15
C63Visual Communication15

Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) Cut Off Points 2022

JAE Course CodeCourse NameNet ELR2B2
N65Aerospace Engineering19
N91Arts Business Management13
N50Automation & Mechatronic Systems19
N53Banking & Finance11
N60Biomedical Engineering11
N59Biomedical Science8
N45Business Studies8
N56Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering12
N88Chinese Media & Communication15
N70Chinese Studies13
N97Common Business Programme12
N71Common Engineering Programme26
N98Common ICT Programme13
N11Community Development13
N94Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics8
N81Data Science11
N96Early Childhood Development & Education21
N43Electrical Engineering20
N44Electronic & Computer Engineering16
N93Engineering Science12
N74Environmental & Water Technology16
N82Film, Sound & Video11
N40Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management18
N55Immersive Media15
N54Information Technology15
N85International Trade & Business13
N57Landscape Design & Horticulture14
N42Marine & Offshore Technology25
N67Mass Communication11
N41Mechanical Engineering20
N13Media Post-Production12
N73Pharmaceutical Science9
N48Real Estate Business14
N95Tamil Studies with Early Education17
N72Tourism & Resort Management17

Republic Polytechnic (RP) Cut Off Points 2022

JAE Course CodeCourse NameNet ELR2B2
R40Aerospace Engineering26
R17Applied Chemistry17
R25Arts & Theatre Management20
R39Aviation Management25
R14Biomedical Science11
R13Business Information Systems26
R57Common Business Programme26
R42Common Engineering Programme26
R58Common ICT Programme26
R59Common Science Programme18
R63Common Sports and Health Programme26
R48Consumer Behaviour & Research18
R34Customer Experience Management with Business21
R35Design for Games & Gamification17
R36Design for User Experience20
R47Digital Design & Development24
R50Electrical & Electronic Engineering24
R56Engineering Design with Business26
R54Engineering Systems & Management24
R62Environmental & Marine Science13
R18Financial Technology26
R43Health Management & Promotion26
R45Health Services Management26
R37Hotel & Hospitality Management26
R52Human Resource Management with Psychology16
R11Industrial & Operations Management26
R55Infocomm Security Management22
R12Information Technology26
R28Integrated Events Management26
R32Mass Communication16
R19Media Production & Design18
R33Outdoor & Adventure Learning26
R22Pharmaceutical Science17
R46Restaurant & Culinary Operations26
R24Sonic Arts19
R26Sport & Exercise Science16
R49Sport Coaching18
R21Supply Chain Management25
R61Sustainable Built Environment26

Singapore Polytechnic (SP) Cut Off Points 2022

JAE Course CodeCourse NameNet ELR2B2
S88Aeronautical Engineering17
S90Aerospace Electronics13
S30Applied AI and Analytics8
S64Applied Chemistry9
S98Biomedical Science7
S76Banking & Finance12
S71Business Administration12
S70Chemical Engineering13
S68Civil Engineering20
S31Common Business Programme12
S40Common Engineering Programme17
S32Common ICT Programme13
S53Computer Engineering12
S99Electrical and Electronic Enginnering17
S42Engineering with Business11
S95Facilities Management19
S47Food Science and Technology13
S48Human Resource Management with Psychology12
S54Infocomm Security Management11
S69Information Technology14
S50Integrated Events & Project Management16
S89Interior Design14
S94Landscape Architecture15
S63Marine Engineering22
S74Maritime Business18
S91Mechanical Engineering17
S73Mechatronics & Robotics13
S29Media, Arts & Design12
DNSNautical Studies
S38Perfumery & Cosmetic Science11

Temasek Polytechnic (TP) Cut Off Points 2022

JAE Course CodeCourse NameNet ELR2B2
T02Accountancy & Finance13
T50Aerospace Electronics18
T51Aerospace Engineering16
T20Apparel Design & Merchandising11
T69Applied Artificial Intelligence12
T29Architectural Technology & Building Services16
T04Aviation Management14
T60Big Data & Analytics12
T38Biomedical Engineering13
T43Business Process & Systems Engineering18
T33Chemical Engineering15
T01Common Business Programme15
T56Common Engineering Programme22
T63Common ICT Programme16
T59Communication Design15
T40Communications & Media Management13
T13Computer Engineering13
T18Culinary & Catering Management17
T62Cybersecutity & Digital Forensics12
T23Digital Film & Television14
T68Early Childhood Development & Education20
T26Food, Nutrition & Culinary Science14
T58Game Design & Development14
T08Hospitality & Tourism Management18
T30Information Technology16
T28Integrated Facility Management20
T22Interior Architecture & Design14
T07International Trade & Logistics17
T09Law & Management11
T64Medical Biotechnology10
T25Pharmaceutical Science11
T35Product & Industrial Design17
T48Psychology Studies8
T53Social Sciences in Gerontology14
T45Veterinary Technology10

Polytechnic Ranking in Singapore 2022 by Cut Off Points

Based on poly cut off points, the best polytechnics in Singapore are Singapore Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic.

1Singapore Polytechnic
Temasek Polytechnic
2Nanyang Polytechnic
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Republic Polytechnic

How do co-curricular activity (CCA) bonus points for polytechnic admission affect the polytechnic cut off points?

The CCA points deduction for poly makes the polytechnic cut off points easier to meet.