CCA Bonus Points for Polytechnic Admission [2022]

Here are the conditions for obtaining Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level (O-Level) co-curricular activity (CCA) bonus points for polytechnic admission in Singapore.

The bonus points apply to secondary school students who are taking the O-Level examination.

The bonus points come into play during the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE). The JAE starts after the release of the results of the O-Level examination.

ConditionCCA Bonus Points
‘Excellent’ grade in CCA2
‘Good’ grade in CCA1

How do CCA bonus points for polytechnic admission affect the polytechnic cut off points?

The deduction of CCA bonus points from your O-Level gross (or raw) ELR2B2 aggregate score improves your net ELR2B2 aggregate score.

This makes the cut off points for poly easier to meet.