Edusave Awards for Polytechnic [2022]

Here is the full list of Ministry of Education (MOE) Edusave awards for polytechnic in 2022.

Polytechnic Edusave awards are monetary prizes that MOE grants annually to polytechnic students in Singapore. The award money can help to offset polytechnic school fees in Singapore.

To receive an award, polytechnic students must meet certain criteria. The criteria vary across awards.

List of Edusave Awards for Polytechnic

Edusave Award Amount Criteria
Edusave Skills Award $500 Top 10% of each course’s graduating cohort in professional and soft skills; good conduct
Edusave Merit Bursary $500 Top 25% of school cohort in academic performance; good conduct
Monthly household income is either equal to or less than $6,900 or per capita income is equal to or less than $1,725
Edusave Good Progress Award (GPA) $400 Top 10% of school cohort in improvement in academic performance; good conduct

How many Edusave academic awards for polytechnic can a polytechnic student receive in a year?

A polytechnic student in Singapore can only receive one of the two academic awards below per year:

  • Edusave Good Progress Award (GPA)
  • Edusave Merit Bursary (EMB)

If the student receives the EMB after receiving the GPA, the award money from the GPA will top up the award money from the EMB.