10 Best Tai Chi Schools in Singapore in 2024

Here is a ranking of the 10 best tai chi schools in Singapore in 2024.

A tai chi school is a type of martial arts school in Singapore that offers tai chi classes.

The ranking of each tai chi school in Singapore is based on the school’s perceived Google Maps ranking.

Factors that affect a school’s Google Maps ranking include customer reviews and online mentions.

Top 10 Tai Chi Schools in Singapore

Rank Tai Chi School
1 Taiji.sg
2 World Nam Wah Pai Association- Qigong, Tai Chi & Martial Arts
3 JunWu Taiji
4 Ch’i Life Studio
6 Shaolin Kung Fu Studio
7 Wenwu Learning Studio
8 Gong Defense Academy
9 Shaolin Club Pte Ltd
10 Wan Wu Sports and Martial Arts Academy- Seng kang