10 Best Kids’ Karate Classes in Singapore in [year]

Here is a ranking of the 10 best kids’ karate classes in Singapore in [year].

The ranking of each karate school in Singapore offering karate classes for kids is based on the school’s perceived Google Maps ranking.

Factors that affect a school’s Google Maps ranking include customer reviews and online mentions.

Top 10 Kids’ Karate Classes in Singapore

Rank Karate School
1 Shitoryu Karate Association
2 Shudokan Karate
3 Karate Nation
4 The Gentle Art Academy
5 Dojo Wu
6 Shitoryu Singapore Karate-Do Kai – Shinyuukai
7 Singapore Shotokan Karate Club
8 FaMA – Fitness and Martial Arts
9 Ch’i Life Studio
10 Ashihara Karate in Singapore (by Lionheart Academy)