Millennia Institute Entry Requirements [2022]

Here are the Singapore Millennia Institute (MI) entry requirements in 2022.

Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level (O-Level) graduates must meet these requirements in order to gain admission to MI.

O-Level graduates who gain conditional admission to MI in 2022 must retake the necessary O-Level papers by the 2023 O-Level examination.

List of Millennia Institute Entry Requirements

Type of Requirement Condition
Gross (or raw) L1R4 20 or better
O-Level English ‘C6’ grade or better in O-Level English
At least one O-Level mother tongue language (MTL) subject ‘D7’ grade or better in O-Level MTL
‘E8’ grade or better in O-Level Higher MTL
‘Pass’ or ‘Merit’ grades in O-Level MTL B
At least one O-Level mathematics subject ‘D7’ grade or better in O-Level Mathematics
‘D7’ grade or better in O-Level Additional Mathematics

What are the entry requirements specific to each Millennia Institute academic stream?

To gain admission to a certain academic stream in Millennia Institute, O-Level graduates must meet the MI cut off point for that stream.