JC School Fees in Singapore [2022]

Here are the junior college (JC) school fees in Singapore in 2022.

The fees are for students attending JCs in Singapore.

The fee for each student depends on both the type of JC they attend and whether they are a Singaporean citizen, a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) or an international student.

The fee for each international student also depends on whether they are from a country in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The fees are in Singapore dollars and include miscellaneous fees.

JC School Fees for Singaporean Citizens

Type of JCMonthly Fee
Government$6 to $33
Government-Aided$6 to $33
Autonomous Government$9 to $51
Autonomous Government-Aided$9 to $51
Independent$300 to $600

JC School Fees for PR

Type of JCMonthly Fee
Government$520 to $607
Government-Aided$520 to $607
Autonomous Government$523 to $625
Autonomous Government-Aided$523 to $625
Independent$600 to $1000

JC School Fees for International Students

Fees for International Students From ASEAN Countries

Type of JCMonthly Fee
Government$1,070 to $1,127
Government-Aided$1,070 to $1,127
Autonomous Government$1,073 to $1,145
Autonomous Government-Aided$1,073 to $1,145
Independent$1,000 to $2,500

Fees for International Students From Non-ASEAN Countries

Type of JCMonthly Fee
Government$1,950 to $2,127
Government-Aided$1,950 to $2,127
Autonomous Government$1,953 to $1,806
Autonomous Government-Aided$1,953 to $1,806
Independent$1,000 to $2,500