2 Buddhist Primary Schools in Singapore: Which Is the Best?

Here are the two Buddhist primary schools in Singapore.

Buddhist primary schools are primary schools that have traditionally followed Buddhist educational principles. However, the Singapore Buddhist Federation only lists one primary school – Maha Bodhi School – as its affiliate.

Like all other national primary schools in Singapore, these two primary schools are secular. They admit students of all religions.

The popularity of these primary schools in Phase 2A1 of the 2021 Primary One (P1) registration exercise ranged from 5% to 34%.

Both primary schools are affiliated to a secondary school.

Primary SchoolPrimary School PopularityAffiliated Secondary School
Maha Bodhi School34%Manjusri Secondary School
Mee Toh School5%Manjusri Secondary School

What is the best Buddhist primary school in Singapore?

Based on the Singapore primary school ranking in 2022, the top Buddhist primary school is Maha Bodhi School.

Where are the Buddhist primary schools in Singapore?


Maha Bodhi School is a primary school in the Geylang area.


Mee Toh School is a primary school in the Punggol area.