15 Best HR Degrees in Singapore in 2022

Here is a ranking of the 15 best human resource management (HR) degrees in Singapore in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The degrees include bachelor’s degrees in business administration that offer a specialisation in HR.

The ranking of each bachelor’s degree in HR in Singapore is based on the median gross monthly salary of fresh graduates holding that degree in 2020 – 2021.

The median gross monthly salary is in Singapore dollars.

Top 15 HR Degrees in Singapore

*median gross monthly salary is for all bachelor’s degrees from that institution or faculty

Rank Bachelor’s Degree Median Gross Monthly Salary
1 NTU Double Degree in Business & Computer Engineering/Computing $6,300
2 NTU Accountancy and Business $4,500
3 SMU Business Management (Cum Laude and above) $4,480
4 NUS Business (Honours) $4,347
5 NUS Business $3,700
6 NTU Business $4,000
SMU Business Management
7 SUSS Human Resource Management $3,200
8 James Cook University* $3,000
PSB Academy*
Singapore Institute of Management*
9 Kaplan Higher Education Academy* $2,800
10 Curtin Education Centre* $2,750
11 ERC Institute* $2,700
12 Management Development Institute of Singapore* $2,500